• Fantasies Smoke Shop Michigan's Premiere Smoke Shop

  • All The Smoking Stuff! Pipes, Glass, Hookahs, E-Cigarettes . . . We got it waiting for you!

  • Big Rapids Contact Information, Hours & Directions to Our Big Rapids Store

  • Gaylord, Michigan Smoke Shop Your Northern Michigan Smoking Headquarters

  • Rockford, Michigan Smoke Shop Just North of Grand Rapids - EVERYTHING you will need. . .

Michigan Smoke Shops
Fantasies Unlimited Smoke Shops Across Michigan

Big Rapids, Michigan

The Big Rapids' smoke shop is centrally located and a large store with everything you could want.

Gaylord, Michigan

We've got northern Michigan covered with our fully stocked Galyord, Michigan smoke shop.



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Welcome to
Fantasies Smoke Shop

Fantasies Smoke Shops are Michigan's premiere smoking stores. We feature a wide array of smoking accessories for all your needs.

Our staff is fun, friendly and knowledgeable, the environments are safe and discreet, and you are sure to find just the thing to suit all your sassiest needs.

We offer a ton of products - from typical (and not so typical) bowls, to all matter of chillums, spoons, bubblers, pipes, hookahs, herbal supplements and many other smoking accessories for those looking for ways to enhance their tobacco smoking experience!



HUGE Selection
Of Smoking Products

We feature a WIDE variety of smoking products and accessories at our stores. If you have any questions about what we have in stock, feel free to give us a call or send us an e-mail.


Stone pipes
Metal pipes
Wood pipes
Glass pipes
Sherlock pipes
Herbal pipes
Acrylic pipes
Ceramic pipes
Gas Mask pipes
Monkey pipes
Steam rollers


Fancy Hoses
Cleaning Tools
Replacement Tongs
Oil Pipes
Oil Bubblers


One Hitters
Roach Clips Lighters
Butane Lighters
Pipe Cleaners
Stash boxes
Rolling papers
Rolling machines
Whip It Chargers
Skillet Tools
Oil Bowls
Nug Jars
Electronic Cigarettes
Stimulant Pills


The Laughing Buddha is part of the Fantasies Network - a collective of pro-human, pro-peace, pro-freedom stores and websites across Michigan and the midwest.

We have a number of smokeshops, adult toy stores, clubs and online websites and stores; all bringing you the best in adult toys and playthings to open your mind and free your body. Visit any of our websites or retail locations to expand your consciousness and get liberated!


Fantasies Unlimited

Adult toy store group in Michigan.

Fantasies Smokeshop

Smoke shop store group in the midwest.

The Laughing Buddha

Flagship Adult Toy Store & Smoke Shop in Traverse City, Michigan.


Club Tabu

Men's alternative club in Traverse City, Michigan.

Sex Doll Planet

Smoke shop store group in the midwest.